Our aim is to help you find your PASSION, then the STRENGTH to pursue your PURPOSE.

Making a difference today!

Why 22?

The number 22 embodies the attainment of our highest dreams and a feeling of empowerment. And with 22 Ways, we’re highlighting that success has numerous paths – we just encourage you to bring someone along on your journey.

Black Wall Street

Our Why, We aspire to inspire students!

We know that our students have the capacity to compete at the highest intellectual level, when we Inspire them to dream, persevere, and nurture their Mind, Body, and Spirit.


Over the years, 22 Ways Leadership Academy has been a driving force in granting high school and community college students the invaluable experience of touring HBCUs, Ivy League universities, and local CSU and UC campuses. Simultaneously, we’re committed to igniting their interest in the world of STEM careers.

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Our Mission

To empower Low to Moderate Income (LMI) students by providing them with opportunities to explore higher education institutions. Embracing a full-spectrum approach to inclusivity, we actively collaborate with students of diverse abilities, ensuring equal access to a wide range of educational options.

We organize, develop and facilitate the following:




An African Proverb says:

If you want to go Fast, go alone, if you want to go Far, go together!

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Reasons for taking an HBCU tour

Who should attend a 22 Ways Leadership Academy College tour.
Introduce yourself.

To tour with us, please send your application to 22Ways.psp@gmail.com

Time :
February 7-11, 2024
No. of Seats :
Frequently Asked Questions

Tour costs vary from state to state.

Payments can be conveniently made in person using debit or credit cards. For online transactions through our web page 22-ways.org, we offer a secure payment option through PayPal. Additionally, we welcome cash, money orders, bank checks, and credit cards. 

No, this trip is exclusively for students. Parents or Guardians cannot participate as chaperones.

The tour requires a nonrefundable deposit of $300 to secure your spot.

In the event of a natural disaster, a refund will be provided, excluding the deposit. Furthermore, if you wish to cancel your spot and request a refund, you have a 72-hour window after each payment to submit a written request.